Debbie Chandler is a life coach, group facilitator, speaker and author from Los Angeles, CA. However, out of all of Debbie’s titles, the most impressive is survivor. Throughout her life, Debbie experienced multiple traumas, childhood and adult. However, through the power of self-love, introspection, forgiveness, faith in God and good old-fashioned honesty, Debbie used her pain to transform her life. Not only did this transformation change her life, but it also launched her into her calling–helping others transform their lives to become who God created them to be.

As a life coach, Debbie attributes her success to using the same methods on her clients as on herself. At the core of her coaching is honesty. Debbie believes that the answers to life’s problems lie within ourselves. She also believes that the key to unlocking the solutions lies in introspection.

In her spare time, Debbie enjoys watching movies, dancing, listening to music and loving on her two grandchildren. During football season, you can catch her decked out in royal blue, grey, red, and white  cheering on her favorite football team–the New York Football Giants.

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